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Samsung Galaxy Alpha G850F Silver Smartphone


Samsung Galaxy Alpha G850F Silver Smartphone

Samsung Galaxy Alpha G850F Silver Smartphone, hadir dengan layar 4.7 Inch Super AMOLED capacitive touchscreen. Smartphone ini dibekali dengan sistem operasi Android 4.4, KitKat dan prosesor Quad-core 1.8 GHz Cortex-A15 & quad-core 1.3 GHz Cortex-A7. Smartphone ini juga dilengkapi dengan memori internal 32 GB, RAM 2 GB, kamera belakang 12 MP, dan kamera depan 2 MP. Untuk dayanya smartphone ini menggunakan baterai berkapasitas 1860 mAh.

SKU Number: MTS-19362-00222

Samsung Galaxy Alpha G850F Silver Smartphone

  • Chipset
    • Quad-core 1.8 GHz Cortex-A15 & quad-core 1.3 GHz Cortex-A7
  • Slot Memori Eksternal
    • -
  • Memori Internal
    • 32 GB
  • Ukuran Layar
    • 4.7 Inch Super AMOLED capacitive touchscreen
  • Sim Card
    • Nano SIM
  • Operating System
    • Android 4.4, KitKat
  • Memory
    • 2 GB RAM
  • Kapasitas Baterai
    • 1860 mAh
  • Kamera
    • Kamera (utama) : 12 MP Kamera (depan) : 2 MP
  • Brand
    • Samsung
  • Garansi
    • Resmi 1 Tahun

Kamis, 21 Maret 2013

Shown Slim with monochromatic colors

kim kardashian

Monochromatic trend so excellent for Spring / Summer 2013. It's time to add to the collection with these colors in the closet. Not only fashion but also bags, shoes and accessories.

Black, white, gray color so the safest thing to wear. A monochromatic primary colors blend with the color of derivatives, ranging from the lightest to the darkest.

Not only must the black, it could be red, blue or green. Customize it to your taste. Wearing color is also slimming effect. The game color will create the illusion of curves.

The body looks more sexy. As Kim Kardashian wedding dress choices, black and white cover for pregnant belly. But still menojol curves. White material creates a structured silhouette and look so elegant.

If the clothes you wear just one color, try playing with accessories. It could be a scarf, bag, necklace or bracelet material is a combination of metal and fabric. So definitely look more slender and elegant.

Selasa, 12 Maret 2013

Consider before buying lingerie

Consider before buying lingerie

Some women intentionally used lingerie to ignite passion partner. Sexy underwear has become one of the hollow body featuring a very sexy way.

Lingerie as women's underwear, not only pleasing to the naked eye. Some aspects such as comfort and size should also be considered before purchasing. Before you buy, make sure you consider and do the following things.

Never hungry eyes

Friends have lingerie models and you're tempted to have it. Avoid it. What other people have not necessarily worn look appropriate for your use. When buying lingerie, make sure not only a desire but it fits your body.

Check the size of the
It became one of the important aspects before buying lingerie. Not wearing the right size or imposing size, it will distort the shape of the breast. If you want to buy lingerie bikini set, make sure the size is not too tight.

Check the ingredients
So when you wear this sexy avoid inconvenience choose materials that are soft and smooth. Buying underwear with poliyester materials or other fabric types, as reported by Sky Bold can cause irritation. If you want to get lingerie with skin-friendly materials, wear underwear made ​​from silk. This material other than soft, not too hot when worn.

Consider before buying lingerie

Lingerie black or white to be one of women's favorite color. Even men are also pleased to see their partner wearing her lingerie with these colors. However, you can experiment with bright colors like fuschia, red or blue.

Do not be tempted to discount
Generally, women are very easy to get caught flirting discount or rebate. Make sure you buy lingerie is not as tempting discount. The reason, which sold cheap lingerie, exposing the material conditions not good enough to wear. Think twice to buy it

Kamis, 07 Maret 2013

Eco-designers rely on green clothing fashion

Berlin. Fashion, models and glamor: Berlin next week again to host the international fashion scene. At Berlin Fashion Week show, the designers present their collections for spring and summer of 2013. Labels show there also sustainable and equitable fashion.

The days of baggy linen dresses are an expression of political views, according to the designer Magdalena Schaffrin over. Today was no longer green fashion to distinguish it from conventional clothing, says the organization of two exhibitions Green Showroom and the Ethical Fashion Show in Berlin. "People want to dress fashionably, and the issue of sustainability is a matter of course for many."

When it comes to green and fairly produced fashion put the manufacturers have different priorities. Some go there for the raw material, other low a pollutant, and others campaigned for fair conditions of production, said Rolf Buschmann from the Consumer North Rhine-Westphalia.

The Hamburg-based designer Julia Jung Starp has something else in mind: the life of silk-worms. Because Starp used for their so-called ahimsa silk dresses. Unlike traditional mulberry silk the caterpillars may hatch from their cocoons as moths and fly out into the world. "I think the idea of ​​simply wonderful that the butterflies to survive and not be disturbed in its natural development," says Starp.

Owe their survival to the Indian moth Kusuma Rajaiah that you wanted to save her from the cocoon cooking pot. Because usually the larvae are killed, so long as the filament up to 1,000 meters, hatching is not destroyed. Since Ahimsa silk spun at the first thread has eaten through, the stuff is not quite as "fluffy" as other silk, says Matias Langer. He is one of the few dealers who sell ahimsa silk in Germany - for at least 19 € per meter. Compared to conventional silk, this is about twice as much. But it's worth to its customers: "For many people it always has been an abomination, that the caterpillars can be killed."

Recycling is all the rage
Sustainability has many facets. A new trend this year's Ethical Fashion Show is the opinion of Magdalena Schaffrin the recycling of clothes. The Austrian label milk as used in old men's trousers and shirts, to sew clothes for them. Recycling is on the rise, confirming the responsible designer Cloed Baumgartner. Because the resources were always scarce. To extend the life of clothing, is far better than buying organic cotton, as was needed for their cultivation a lot of water.

Baumgartner gets its raw materials from the pounds of used clothes. Then things are only washed once very hot and then assessed. What is the ladies' dresses are made to look much more frequently - about the trousers, which now acts as the hem of a dress. Behind it, a little bit of feminism, which raises the question: "Who now has the pants on," the designer explains, laughing.

The metamorphosis of the men's trousers to the cap
The recycling of clothing would also work at home. Everything is made of jersey, so most of the T-shirt could easily be cut off because the material is not ausfranse. An old shirt can thus have a new top or a bikini to be conjured. With the metamorphosis of the pants with a skirt is the end of the hanging rail has not been reached, says Baumgartner. From a damaged dress a bag or cap could be made. And finally, it would still be the shoe cleaning cloths.

On rhubarb instead of pollutants is the label Deep Mello. Background is a natural tanning process in which the animal skin is with "the power of rhubarb root" into leather. In Deux Filles en Fil remnants are to handbags of textile and leather industry processed and other accessories. The green ideas around the Berlin Fashion Week are varied. They have one thing in common: They are the world a little better. Even though this is not as clear as once saccular with the linen clothes.